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Available for both MAC and PC. 

EDGE comes loaded with hundreds of pre-programmed top-notch presets but, thanks to its extremely powerful layout and randomized functions, is also an incredible tool to create your own sounds and presets.

EDGE is divided into two Engines: GRAIN and SAMPLE
The Grain Engine is based on the extremely powerful Granular Synthesis capabilities of HALion. A vast array of controls is provided in the user interface to deeply control all the granular synth functions.
The Sample Engine is powered by the high-quality and rock-solid HALion sample engine capacities.

Each Engine has 2 powerful LFOs, ADSR, Level-Pan-Pitch controls, Bit Crusher and Delay FXs, and a Reverb and powerful Filter controlled by an XY interface.
In the Reverb, the X-axis controls the Reverb Time the Y-axis controls the Reverb Mix. In the Filter, the X-axis controls the Cutoff and the Y-axis controls the Resonance.
The Sample Engine also features powerful Audio Warp controls, an Amp Simulator, and a Flanger.

  • Grain and Sample Engines
  • 1.22 GB of High-Quality Uncompressed Samples
  • 187 Top-Notch Presets
  • 4 LFOs to modulate any parameter
  • 8 FXs and 2 Filters
  • Powerful Audio Warp controls of the Sample Engine
  • Powerful Randomise functions to create your own sounds
  • Easy to use GUI with extensive controls on all main parameters

Minimum System Requirements

  • HALion 6 - Version 6.4.4 or above (sold separately by Steinberg)
  • HALion Sonic 3 - Version 3.4.4 or above (sold separately by Steinberg)
  • HALion Sonic SE - Version 3.4.4 or above (FREE)
  • For the latest Mac and PC Minimum System Requirements please refer to the Steinberg website.
  • VST3 - VST2 - AU - AAX Plugins
  • Stand-Alone Application
You will get a ZIP (1GB) file
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