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Introducing GRAINS Free, a phenomenal tool brought to you by STRING AUDIO. 

And guess what? It's absolutely free!

GRAINS Free seamlessly integrates with the FREE HALion Sonic 7 plugin, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. 

Built around the great new engine of Halion 7, GRAINS Free empowers you to manipulate your own samples using the remarkable grain synth engine of Halion 7. 

Packed with advanced scripted functions such as pitch detection and sample length adjustment, GRAINS Free is an incredible instrument for composers and sound designers who are tired of relying on pre-cooked presets. Instead, you can now unleash your creativity, experiment with your own samples, and create your very own signature sound. 

GRAINS Free is 100% compatible with the brand new and completely Free HALion Sonic 7.

While GRAINS Free is a remarkable tool for loading your own samples and creating your own sounds, it also comes preloaded with a selection of signature samples and presets crafted by STRING AUDIO's renowned and award-winning sound designers!



- HALion 7: Version 7.0 or above

- HALion Sonic 7 (free): Version 7.0 or above

Click HERE to Download HALion Sonic 7

For the most up-to-date minimum requirements for Mac and PC operating systems, please visit the Steinberg website.

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (50MB)
  • PDF (443KB)
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