Monolith Abyss

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MONOLITH Abyss: is the ultimate tool to add that "huge sub bass" sound to your compositions and sound design projects.

  • 800+MB of original sample material (540+MB using Kontakt's lossless sample storage compression).
  • 200+ high-quality samples.
  • 4 layers.
  • The "Sub" Layer consists of a collection of several "60Hz" Sub hardware and soft synth sounds specifically recorded for this library.
  • The "Bass" Layer consists of a selection of Bass sounds, their scope is to add "focus" to the Sub Layer.
  • The 'Dirt" Layer is a selection of textures, their scope is to add a signature sound to the Sub and Bass Layers.
  • The "Abyss" Layer consists of a selection of "Ultra-Low" samples, acting around 40Hz.
  • 150 pre-programmed Snapshots.
  • Main Engine: Individual layer controls for pitch, volume, pan, solo, mute, effects bypass, layer lock, adsr, layer boost and cut, pan and amp LFO send.
  • Powerful randomize function.


      Minimum System Requirements
      Requires the FULL Version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above (sold separately by Native Instruments).
      This library is NOT compatible with the FREE Kontakt player.